PhD. Anna Pujadas, I am a graphic designer, professor and researcher in EINA, Universitary Center of Arts & Design and in the Faculty of Communication Studies of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Creation (2023), a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History (1990), a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (1992), a University Master’s Degree in eLearning (2020) and a PhD in Art History (1998). I am credited as an Adjunct Professor by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU, 2017) and as a Full Professor by the Spanish National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA, 2017). I'm also Floral Designer and I have the JUNKAKYO, Ikebana Instructor Diploma from the Kyoto Ikenobo School.




I like abstract design, with simple linear-geometric shapes. Currently this can be achieved by programming with code (with Processing). I do generative design finding results as human as those that came out of the pencil of an illustrator or the cutter and cut paper of a graphic designer from the 70s.



I love discovering inspiration in everyday life. I like to take the essence (shapes, colors and emotions) of what is apparently everyday and distill it into a colorful design. I have an optimistic view of the world at a time of uncertainty.



I move in a high level and competitive professional field. I work with specialized organisms and institutions. I have the ability to construct complex discourses and reach excellent quality.



I work in a context of technological innovation with FabLabs digital machinery. Based on creativity and an acute hybrid sensitivity with analogical elements. The results are technological and poetic at the same time. And they always have some mystery to discover.


I apply the Ethics of Care (Designing From the Perspective of Care, or How to Repair the World) to design practices. It is a design idea inspired by the Japanese kintsugi, the idea of repairing (healing) to fix people and the world (taking care of them). It is a humanistic derivation of sustainable and responsible design. How? Some examples in MARGINÀLIA workshops performed with my colleague Mar Saiz




I teach in the Bachelor's Degree in Design and the University Master's Degree in Design of Spaces (MUDE) at EINA/UAB. I teach also in the Bachelor's Degree in Interactive Communication and Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Faculty of Communication Studies of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I have been a lecturer of the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design at EINA/UAB (2013-2018). Lecturer of the CSIM, Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media of the Faculty of Audiovisual Communication of the UPF (2007-2012). Lecturer of the Master's Degree in Digital Art Curating at MECAD-URL (2007-2009). Lecturer of the Bachelor's Degree in Humanities at the UPF (1998-2014). And lecturer of the Bachelor's Degree in Art History at the UAB (1997-1998).



I have been the Director of EINA, University Centre of Arts & Design from 2017 to 2019, having previously working as Undergraduate Degree Coordinator (2009-2010), Research Coordinator (2011-2012), and Coordinator of Masters and Postgraduate Degrees (2005-2006 / 2013) at the same centre.



I am currently a researcher at SGR Well-being and Health Research Group (EINA/UAB) granted by Catalan University Agency (AGAUR), coordinating the research line Cure & Care Design. Previously I founded and coordinated the Research Group Design processes: innovative practices in art & design. Coordinating also the academic journal Journal of Design Processes (2013-2016). Previously I was reseracher in the Research Group The generation of knowledge in artistic research funded by MINECO (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain).


I am currently available for lectures and teaching at universities & events. I seek to create from the double physical and digital perspective. My workshops encourage the students to drop out the digital screen, work with matter, to return to the screen with something that can only be obtained in the elements of nature and that the students will hybridize with the digital final design. For me Research Design is a creative practice based on material and technological experimentation.


Some publications referenced in Google Scholar. Part of the PhD thesis, Gaudí's plastic vision: Aesthetics of Art Nouveau architecture, might be purchased in a self-published form at the EAE, also available on Amazon. In 2019 I participated as an editor in the book Roca: 100 años diseño a diseño commemorative of the 100 years of the ROCA Company. In 2018 I edited the catalog and I was the curator of Maria Bofill's exhibition Mountains of the Soul at the Motserrat Museum (2018). In 2016 I edited Kitsch Barcelona, a book published by Barcelona City Council with an ironic and transgressive vision of the city. These are my last 5 articles: (1) Pujadas, Anna + Saiz. Mar, MARGINÀLIA, Interdependent Design Processes and the Ethics of Care. 'Inmaterial', 15, BAU, Barcelona, 2023. (2) Pujadas, Anna, Designing From the Perspective of Care, or How to Repair the World. 'Temas de Diseño, Caring Though Design', 38, Elisava, Barcelona, 2022. (3) Pujadas, Anna, Cibercontrol en el diseño y las artes digitales, 'Oxímora: revista internacional de Ética y Política', 20, 97-110. Barcelona, 2022. (4) Pujadas, Anna, Jujol y el espíritu de carnaval, chapter of 'Jujol, animar las piedras y poner vida', Jornadas Internacionales en torno al arquitecto Josep Maria Jujol, Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, 2022. (5) Pujadas, Anna; Saiz, Mar; Fàbregas, Ariadna, Pedagogía de la maravilla aplicada a un taller de producción creativa, 'Zincografía', Año 6, Especial BID ZCR, Madrid 2022.